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A search engine these days is the source and a hub for a variety of information. This search engine includes information on your website, helps to sell your products and services and creates a recognition for your site in the minds of it users. Seo ranking is mainly associated with Website rankings on a search engine, when a particular search word is entered.

Seo rankings thus play a major role in lifting your site and giving it priority over the others. With the cutthroat competition, each site wants to be on the top. However with millions of website, it is practically impossible to be on the top. With search engine optimization, one can optimize the site in a way, that it is extremely user friendly and easy to access. It helps in giving higher rankings and much more visibility to your site, thus leading to better targeted traffic to your website.

Factors influencing search engine rankings

Following are some of the factors that largely influence rankings on the entire major search engine like Yahoo, Google, Msn, AskJeeves etc.

  • Title Tag - Title tags relate to the HTML tags. These are tags that are always on the top of a browser window and appear as the title of the web page.
  • Keywords used in content- keywords play a vital role, as they are the links through which a particular search spiders crawl into your website.
  • External Links on the site-these are links that are included as sponsored links on a web page. They contribute tremendously in increasing or decreasing rankings as the search spiders can relate to them for information. If the information provided through the link is not relevant to your site or to what the user is looking for, it can turn out negative for your web page.
  • Uniqueness – this refers to how unique or different the text on your website is from that of your competitors. It also refers to providing content that is absolutely fresh and not a copy of any other document.

Thus, all the above factors in a large way contribute in increasing rankings for your website on search engines, giving you a better visibility, better traffic and better sales!

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