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Link Popularity is considered to be the single most significant factor that is going to determine where you actually rank on the search engines. Link Popularity can be defined as "the measure of the number of quality internal and external links pointing to a particular website". Most search engines especially Yahoo and Google have incorporated this within their ranking criteria. Consequently, in order for a website to rank on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, there is a requirement of a link building campaign in order to attain high link popularity.

The problem with attaining Link Popularity is that it is very difficult to attain this through a natural process, ie where the internet surfer links to your website through finding it useful. Historically a way around this was to reciprocate links with other websites but this method has been undervalued by search engines as it is not a natural process. This leaves one possibility, which is to buy links. This can be a very expensive process with some text links with a Page Rank of 5 being sold for anything up to £50 a month. Due to the fact that it is only just one link, it will have little effect on your search engine rankings. This is where SEO Bank link building campaign can help. We can supply good quality relevant links at very cost effective prices.

As you will know by now that the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are looking more at "Link Popularity" than "On page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)".

What we will offer you would be a link campaign led by relevant page rank websites that would increase the page rank of your website. As all the links we provide you with are themed they will enable your website to rank higher on the major search engines.

The way Google works is that every industry becomes a member of a theme i.e. if your website was offering holidays then links from other holiday website or say travel insurance are all relevant as they are the same theme.

The links we offer are not put on your website (reciprocal links) so they will not lose you any traffic. We get a link put onto the other website that is relevant to you (Backward Link).

Type of links we build:

1) Links will be placed on good quality websites all which regularly gets indexed

2) All links will be placed on websites with a different IP Address

3) All links will be placed on the home page or 2 clicks away from the homepage

4) All links will be relevant and the same theme as your website

5) All links will be permanent one way links

6) Guaranteed to increase search engine rankings or your money back

All the above factors ensure that the links are of the highest quality which is guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings. We have proven time and time again that our link building campaign is amongst the most efficient and cost effective out there. Here at SEO Bank we are very strategic as to where we link to and from your site. All link building is carried out on websites that are recognised online, relevant to your industry and have a good standing with search engines. Link building is one of the most and crucial part of any Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Without a professional link building you can't achieve your goals.

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